Weber - Traveler Portable Gas Barbecue (LPG)

The Weber Traveler is for anyone who wants delicious barbecued food away from home. Whether you’re camping, surfing, exploring, or picnicking, its sturdy, compact design makes for a seamless experience, from setup to storage. Feed the adventure with Weber quality food, no matter where the journey takes you.
Main burners: BTU-per-hour input
Dimensions – Lid Closed (cm)
94.5cm H X 110.8cm W X 58.4cm D
Total cooking area
Stainless steel burner
Fuel type
Liquid Propane (disposable cylinder sold separately)
Durable all-weather wheels
Durable all-weather wheels


Wherever You Go, the Weber Traveler Will Follow

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Explore Weber - Traveler Portable Gas Barbecue (LPG)

One-Handed Setup & Fold

The Traveler is specially designed for an easy, one-handed setup and fold down. The grill is also attached to the cart so that you’re up and grilling in no time.

Large Grilling Area

The large grilling area fits up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages so that the entire meal is grilled, and everyone gets to eat, at the same time.

Temperature Range

Low-to-high temperature range provides the perfect heat to sear steaks, grill juicy chicken, and even fluffy pancakes for breakfast.

Automatic Lid Lock

The unique lid lock latches once the Traveler is folded down. Simply double-check that the red tab is over the pin, and hit the road!

Compact Storage

The compact fold and overall design makes traveling and storing as seamless as possible. The Traveler takes up minimal space in your garage and is designed to fit easily in the trunk of a car.
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