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Morso 6143 Freestanding Fireplace

The 6143 design is complete in every sense; its form, construction and cast iron components blend naturally together.

Employing a refined and timeless design idiom, this perfect design with a large glass door, concealed hinges and simple lines makes the Morso 6143 a compliment to any room.

As the fire fans the flames, the stoves unique combustion system helps ensure a higher temperature in the combustion chamber, allowing it to burn off the flue gases, and providing you with a cleaner, environmentally friendly combustion along with a higher level of efficiency, ensuring superior fuel economy.

Constructed using only the highest quality robust cast iron the stove provides a user friendly one-handle system for heat output control, a convenient open log storage cavity, and a curved wide door allowing easy access to the fuel bed. In addition to the simplistic operation, the design sets new standards of easy maintenance.



The Morsø 6143 woodburning fireplace is complete in every sense; it’s form, construction and cast iron components blend naturally together making it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


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